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About Us

103Welcome to Hewett’s Honey Farm where our honey is right from the bees to you!┬áMy home is a honey farm in the beautiful country setting of Duncanville, Alabama. We have a love for God’s amazing creation in bees and produce 100% pure, organic honey for my customers. Honey bees have been a part of my life for about twenty five years. We are involved with local schools and other organizations through exhibits, tours, sale days, and speaking events about the importance of the honey bee to our food supply and other farm products, wildflowers, and trees that need pollination. We are a local honey producer that supplies organic honey for the people in Tuscaloosa county and surrounding counties, as well as people all over the U.S. and some foreign countries.

Bee keeping has changed in many ways since the days of Grandpa having two “stands of bees.” These stands consisted of a hollow log about three feet high with a small “^” sawed out as an entrance for the bees, and a board on the bottom and top. Robing the “stand” was a yearly event and that was the extent of Grandpa’s bee keeping. This produced many stories about the many times he got stung and would fit right in with most “fish stories.” Things have changed for the better here at Hewett’s Honey Farm and I hope you enjoy our sweet, tasty, pure honey! Click here to learn more about our honey.