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Joy to Life Magazine - Hewett's Honey

Located in Duncanville, only 15 minutes south of Tuscaloosa, Hewett’s specializes in organic honey. Bill Hewett and son, Geary took up beekeeping as a hobby in the 1970s then started selling honey in the 1990s as a way to fund their pastime.

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Tuscaloosa News - Buzzing business

“It’s hard and hot work, but it’s rewarding,” Hewett said. “Honeybees are complex insects. They go to work at daylight ad work until dark. And nobody has to tell them how to do it.“

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Growing strong: Homegrown Alabama enters 10th season

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100% Pure Honey Guaranteed...

My label says 100% pure honey. If you read the label on most commercial honey you will find the word “blended” and the different countries from which this blended honey originates. And it is pasteurized. My honey is different in that it is not pasteurized and there is a personal touch that goes along with every bottle. The bottle is filled by a real person, the tops and labels are put on the bottles by a real person and there is an “aim to please” that goes along with every sale.

If you want quality, home grown, pure local honey then this is your place. Been getting honey from them for years. Taste great and has even helped with my allergies.

D. Lanphere Jr.

The honey is delicious, wild flower variety. If you get honey on late summer, you may taste notes of wild roses.

Blue Box Designs

Love the little honey house set up. Very convenient since you can visit at any time and pick up your honey. The honey is always delicious!

C. Humphries

A look inside the honey farm